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Omega 3’s from the Sea’s

Plant and marine life from our coldest ocean’s contain the most powerful of the Omega 3 family. Some forms of plant life from our ocean contain marine Omega 3’s. Minute fish species feed on this plant life and in turn get eaten by bigger fish. This cycle continues in the food chain and the level of Omegas 3’s accumulates in fish to useful proportions. Fish oil is derived from cold water fish species such as Mackerel – Tuna and salmon to name some, they also contain beneficial amount of marine Omega 3’s.

Marine Omega’s are also found in whales, seals and birds that live or feed from the sea. The marine Omega 3’s have recognition within medical circles as being the most potent of the omega 3 family. The two marine acids of most importance to human health according to medical research are Eicosapentaenoic acid also known as EPA and Docosahexaenoic acid also known as DHA. The other relative important aspect about these marine omegas 3 acids is they are normal constituents of our cells, for example they are in the brain cells, nerve relay stations , retina’s and adrenal glands to name a few.

According to medical research, sources of marine omega 3’s are being used to

  • Help prevent Heart attacks.
  • Reduce pain and swelling associated with sore joints, Omega 3 anti – inflammatory effect.
  • Give relief to skin conditions such as Eczema, Dry skin cream, psoriasis and for skin nutrition.
  • Marine oil can help by boosting our immune system.

The above list is only some of the areas being studied or researched, more disorder’s or disease’s are being added as research and test studies show the benefits of Omega 3.

Ocean Omega’s wishes to gratefully acknowledge the support received from the Tasmanian Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Art’s.

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