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Moonbird and Moonbird Oil Uses

Moonbird are harvested commercially annually throughout the Bass Strait Islands between Tasmania and Victoria and also around New Zealand.

The meat is regarded as a treasured seasonal food resource, especially by aboriginal people from those areas. By product – such as Moonbird oil has and is still today being used as a liniment, for soap products, honing tools, taken orally for various health complaints, and as a health tonic generally.

Early european use dates back back to the 1870s where Moonbird oil was mixed with almond oil and used throughout Bass Straight and Tasmania as a liniment.

Ocean Omegas has trailed several products successfully and is now presenting them to the marketplace. All products contain Moonbird oil that is enriched with marine Omegas 3. Its penetrative qualities are recognized by several forms of uses as well as tests or trials conducted. These products are designed to give relief to conditions such as eczema, dry skin, muscle and joint care and inflammatory condition such as Arthritis. We stand by our guarantee that if used consistently as directed and you not satisfied with the results we will refund the purchase price, return your product and its unused portion to the purchase outlet or return to Ocean Omegas address on the product packaging.


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