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Moonbird Flesh and Oil


Moonbirds are a variety of seabirds belonging to the Petrel family, they are
also known as Muttonbird – Yolla or Shearwaters. The scientific name for them
is Puffinus Tenuirostris. The Moonbird inhabits the shoreline and islands
around South Eastern Australia and more specifically around Tasmania and the
Bass Strait Island’s. Juvenile Moonbirds and by – product have always been a
part of the traditional diet and helped sustain and keep Aboriginal people in
good health and condition through long hard winters, this cultural practice of
gathering Moonbirds as a food resource for use over the winter period is as
vitally relevant today as it was yesterday.
By – product such as oil was, and still is taken orally, used dermally, as a rub
on, or massaged into muscles, as a liniment. Moonbird oil is one of nature’s
least known food oils and is also one of the few oils that does not involve an
extraction process that damages vital properties of the oil. In describing this oil
it could well be fair to say that it is peerless in both its natural nutritive index
and pureness.

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